Michelle Peel looking to add Championship to League title   15/03/2015

Having captured the Division 2 League title Michelle Peel hopes to land another Cup this weekend. She talks to

Player name:

 Michelle Peel

What position do you play?

Half back

What home club do you play for?


What is your favourite memory of playing with College?

Winning the division 2 league this year

What has been your best moment playing for County Team?

Getting to the U21's final against Dublin last year.

What are the demands of playing county football?

It takes a good bit of  commitment, your training so many nights a week and you'd have to travel over a half hour to get there. You also have to try and eat properly and there's often alcohol bans which are very tough.

Do you feel as though it is worth it?

It is definitely worth it especially when you're winning and reaching finals. As well like the girls on the team are some of your best friends so you'd be willing to make put in the effort for them.

Is it ever difficult to balance playing college football with county football?

yes definitely

How is confidence in the College squad at the minute for the coming championship?

We are feeling confident in ourselves. We haven't lost a match in championship so far so definitely hoping to keep that going.

What are your county’s hopes for the coming season?

This year is very much about development. We are a completely new team, a lot of girls retired last year and we have many new additions so we really just need to focus on building as a team. Sure most of us our U21's.

Have you ever suffered a long-term injury and how hard was it to cope with?

No, thanks be to God!

How do you think that support could be increased for ladies football?

I think there needs to be more media awareness covering when matches are and results of the matches. Also it's up to us as ladies footballers to go to as many matches if we don't go who will.


How would you describe the bond that exists between you and your teammates

We are one big happy family!

What is your earliest memory of playing ladies football?

Lifting the cup for my club u10's team in the county final.

What would you most like to achieve as a footballer?

To play in Croke Park

Do you have a role model in football?

To be honest I don't have one specific role model  but I just look up to the whole Cork team. Their mentality is something else. Like playing Dublin in the All Ireland Final last year when Dublin had it won and Cork somehow managed to keep going and steal that win from Dublin. They are amazing.

Interests outside of football?

Sailing and Special Olympics

If there was a transfer market for players which player would you buy for your

(a) College Team

Geraldine McLaughlin

(b) County Team

Caroline o Hanlon

(c) Club team and why?

Emma Troy

They are all top class players.

What makes a good player?

A player who is dedicated, tries their best at every training and works on their weaknesses outside of training. A good player needs heart or the skill will count for nothing and needs to get on with the rest of their team and be able to drive them on.

What makes a good manager?

Someone who can create an atmosphere at training that brings intensity to it while also coaching in a positive manner that will drive players on rather than bringing down their confidence. People skills are also needed so the rapport between the management team and players is good.




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